How long does it take to process the order?

Orders will be processed within 3 business days. Email info@vigorandvirtue.ca for information on custom orders.


Can I order multiples of the same artisan cushions?

Yes, multiples can be custom ordered however, due to the products being handcrafted by skilled artisans they will never be exactly the same. Email Info@vigorandvirtue.ca for information on ordering similar multiples.


How do I wash the Artisan Meditation Cushions? 

Remove the Buckwheat hulls from the zippered inner liner and put into a container. The zippered inner liner can be machine washed in warm/cold water, lay flat to dry. The silk/wool cover should be hand washed in room temp water with a gentle soap (woolite). Rinse, gently roll in a towel to remove excess moisture. Lay flat to dry.


Can I wash the buckwheat hulls?

The buckwheat hulls shouldn't be washed in water, but can be freshened up by leaving them outside in the sunlight for a few hours. (cover with a screen or mesh so no bugs inadvertently mix in with them.)


How were the buckwheat hulls cleaned?

The organic Canadian buckwheat hulls were cleaned by a series of screens and forced air to remove any dust and fragments. No chemicals are used in this process.